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Default Re: Repent and turn to Christ

No one knows when the good Jew boy will come back

... we must have universal chipping and world

government and a world president before ... relax

it ain't gonna happy in our life time ... but

before 2012 some BIG s*hit will hit the fan !

here is another reason why "they" gotta

push for more upheaval in the middle east.
Just another electric car. It still has to charge it's battery. And from where will that energy come? :-)

Ralph Sarich had a READY TO MASS PRODUCE 2 stroke motor %30-%50 more fuel efficient here in West Oz. Was in ALL the local and interstate papers.

What happened? Ford bought him out for $190 million after he was sold out by local and federal government.

Their is technolgy as simple as this and their is WAY OUT zero point stuff i'm sure.

Their is NO crisis. Only those "they" can manufacture.

P.S There was a thread in the "Oceana Forum" titled "Whatever HAppened To The Orbital Engine?" It seems to have disapeared. Any thoughts admin?
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