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Default Re: Book of Revelations

666 wrote:
I didn't intend to put words in your mouth ...

I personally LOVE hearing arguments against

anything I say ... my goal is to find truth

irregardless of where it leads.

now ...

1. kindly show how this was fulfilled in history

13And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh FIRE COME DOWN FROM HEAVEN on the earth in the sight of men,
You are asking me to interpret the ramblings of someone 1900 years ago and bring them up to date.
Very well, lets play your game.
let me see, would it be missiles or a nuclear bomb, perhaps napalm?
Not lets be serious. Could it be a volcanic eruption, a meteorite or lighting and someone saying they caused it. Chinese rockets, cannons, Could it be a burning barrel of oil launched from a trebuchet (used by Romans about 1900 years ago). Could it be ramblings of a mad man?

666 wrote:
2. we were given signs of the end times and one

of them is that the gospel must be preached to

all the nations of the world before ... we are

still far from this ... so we are not close

to the end of the world.
I hate it when religions use that crap.
Islam uses the same teachings
Technically speaking for the prophecy to be fulfilled then all it would mean is that there is just one person reading to one other person the Bible/Qur'ān in each country, or it could mean everyone being of the same religion.

666 wrote:
Again my aim is to understand how someone could
have written Revelations almost
2000 years ago and been right on the pulse
of where humanity is going technologically ...
personally I subscribe to portions of many
diverse belief systems ... so this is not
a Christian thing for me.
They are not right on the pulse. They are so vague as to be useless. What is the point of a book of prophecy, if you can only use it AFTER the fact and also still so vague that you can not actually say 'theres the bit right there'
Books of prophecies are a gimmick. I am amused by them and by the people who believe in them.

ignt wrote:
The Bible is not a Jewish book or a Christian book. It is not restricted by human religions. It is a book given by "IAMTHATIAM" the GOD OF ISRAEL. The specific religions were added after the fact. The Bible is an instruction book to the souls that are born through water and must endure a life of flesh on this planet in this era. The Revelation is part of those instructions.
No. You had it right on the first sentence. The Bible is a book. As for its origins, well it IS restricted by human religions, because human religions copied it down over centuries. Sometimes adding words here, removing words there. Whole sections could have been lost during wars etc and people had to remember what fitted in where. The only part that God actually came down and wrote was the 10 Commandments, and even then we only have Moses word for that. Iím not knocking the 10 Commandments, they are very good rules and it wise to live by them, just that no-one actually frisked Moses down to check if he had a hammer and chisel.
The Book of Revelation was a tag on and is not included in all forms of the Bible. It was written by someone called John, and in the Many Names of the God of Israel, John is not one of them
God did not write Revelations. A man did
God did not write the Bible. Many men did
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