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Default Re: 9/11 Truth Calling Oprah! Help make it happen!

Please People...

Ok, I really did'nt want to post anything for a few days, but you force me TB. Now this rant is not aimed at you or anyone, It's just my opinion on so called Bi-Polar disorder. I swear If I read another "misunderstanding" of the disorder I'll go nuts.

Ok, I don't need a definition of Bi-Polar disorder so don't bother looking it up. here's my point.

Think about when you have MOODSWINGS, Bingo! ther'es your Bi-Polar disorder! It's another phony diagnosis from the QUACKS in Psychiatry.
Yes, some people have serious disorders of keeping their MOODS in check, but believe me if you don't have MOODSWINGS then ther'es something wrong with you! So lets not use the term loosely as if it's a real disorder.

And as for children having TRAUMATIZING childhoods, GOOD GRIEF! who the heck has'nt? I sure can think of TRAUMATIZING events in my childhood, like getting the snot beat out of me by a BULLY! Getting a arm stuck in a washing machine (those that had rolling rinsers) ect...

The whole world is being made to feel "victimized" or "traumatized" by the QUACKS!
please people get over it.

P.S. I just drank a BIG GULP of DR. Pepper, it's probably the sugar talking.
I agree with you completely. I just did'nt want to confuse people with another issue.

Their is a saying by Carl Jung..."it's not what you know that heals but who you are". With most psychiatrists simple retailers for drug companies their is'nt much hope for the poor bastards "diagnosed" because they have sensitive hearts and cant make it in a satanically inspired materialistic society where matters of the heart are diagnosed. :-(
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