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Default Re: Repent and turn to Christ

TB the car will be powered eventually by SOLAR

panels put on your house that

are to be sold by another division of !
I want to believe...i really do. :-) Trouble with solar is that their is'nt enough high quality silica for every house in the U.S let alone the world.

I suppose though, the company could do a package deal with both car and panels as you say and DEFINATELY get a niche market happening (probably inner city). I hope they make it!

"They" OWN so much that I find it hard to believe this company is'nt moving along under orders. Releasing a car like this takes BIG money. I bet Rothschild probably owns it through front companies? :-)

Wars for oil? War to keep us from electric cars? Methinks they just need war to keep us nice and distracted. :-)

Definately great stuff though.
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