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Default Re: Hatred of the US is Now Universal

Yeh...we all know who the "fascist" is and we all know that only a united one world government can save us all from the evil U.S. :lol:

The "neo-cons" - "Neo-Bolshevicks". 5th Columnsits and violent revoloutionaries.

I'm sure some covert op's on a fair scale MUST follow with all the current action in the M.E. Something is defineately up. Australia will be involved also.

Talking heads on the telly speak of the great danger hanging over U.S troops in the region being "sandwiched" between Israel and Iran. A sunken U.S Aircraft carrier BLAMED on Iran is perfect. We see on the forums much talk of an Israeli frigate sunk by Hezbollah. I can see this as the beginnings of a covert op giving credence to the ability of small timers like Hezbollah to inflict major damage.

I have grave doubts about Hezbollah being able to fire hundreds of rockets into Northern Israel. .Katusha's leave a MASSIVE launch signiture and Israel posesses STATE OF THE ART surveillance equipment which is in continuous operation over head in Lebanon. Millimeter wave radar on Apache Gunships as well as high flying Boings can tell a truck and a jeep apart with ease from 20 miles away.

Israel is either ALLOWING Hezbollah to launch a certain number of missiles into Israel or is ACTUALLY mortaring the towns themselves. Either way, Israel and the U.S posess MASSIVE capacities for war fighting but MUST allow two bit wannabee's some leeway so Babylon the Great and the Harlot riding on her can give credence to a forminable enemy ready to strike.

A covert op on mainland USA seems to be in the offing. Certainly trouble for U.S troops MUST be building. One way or the other a good death toll BLAMED on Arabs is needed.
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