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Default Re: Repent and turn to Christ

Jim Marver
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, VantagePoint Venture Partners

Mr. Marver has over 25 years of Silicon Valley experience investing in and advising high-level public and private technology companies. As a Managing Partner, Mr. Marver shares overall responsibility for all investment and divestiture decisions and management of the $4 billion VantagePoint Funds. Prior to VantagePoint, Mr. Marver was Senior Managing Director and Head of the Global Technology Group at Bear Stearns where he was responsible for that firm's worldwide technology practice. He also held senior-level positions with LF ROTHSCHILD, Unterberg Towbin and began his investment banking career with Goldman Sachs. Earlier he spent five years as a senior consultant at SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute). Mr. Marver graduated from Williams College (BA) and the University of California at Berkeley (MPP, PhD). He serves on several portfolio company and non-profit boards, and he is Chairman of the Board of Advisors, Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley.
Well that settles it! :lol:

Williams College in MA. is an absolute Trust Fund Kid, Junior Illuminati College.
Oh well. It was a nice dream for a while. :lol:

It would be interesting to see where this goes ...

they were successful in blocking all the

electric only cars from all the major companies

in the world.
It'll go far as long as they control it.

By engineering the "peak oil" crap they will huddle people into compact cities and get them charging their electric cars...which will of course be totally GPS tracked. Then they will make public transport free and we can all purchase our GPS TRacked "MultiRider Card" with our official I.D Biometric card so we can be tracked and traced on the public transport system.

To counter ANY insugency (and the anti globalization - anti NWO movement IS an insurgency) you need to control movement. This is the FIRST rule of a counter insurgency.

We could of had this damn car 40 years ago in one form or another. The Germans had "fuel injection" in their fighters in the early 30's. They had infra red heat seeking missiles by late in the war and would have had them earlier if dunderhead had not insisted on his "V" weapons. The Germans also possessed the late model "Panther" tank which was unmatched by ANY army for ten more years. Lets not forget the anti-gravity they were working on.

I'm sick of these scammers ripping us off with tales of woe and soloutions long held in big warehouses.
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