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Default Re: The Dawn of Aquarius - A New People, A New Consciousness

Nice vid and hip hop tune. What Hip Hop USED to be about before NIGGAZ started singing about being bad ass gangsta's and "fucking bitches" wid dere "grillz" on their teeth worth more than the average home unit.

Two things bug me...he complains about Christ being portrayed as white while showing a pic of him NOT being a "semetic Hebrew" but in fact having black African features. Whats that about?

Also, it's the same old same old - America bad. America provides weapons that kill little children. Evil corporations - and it even leads with Chomsky carping (well, I might add) about the system. It's PURE Left Wing same old same old. Why is'nt the GIANT arms dealing of Russia and Europe mentioned?

Always the U.S and ALWAYS naughty "fascists" but NEVER mass murding socialist utopian dreamers.

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