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Default Re: Jews are Americas salvation.

Barbara wrote:
This isn't exactly a parable but it is a damn good example of America, Western Europe and Australia.

Those of you who have an "outside" dog, notice how he gets when he gets fleas, which are parasites. He can be running full tiilt and suddenly stop to bite or scratch a biting flea. After a while he will start doing strange things trying to dislodge the fleas that are slowly killing him.

If you don't do something to help the poor animal like perhaps flea powder or a dip, after a while he will have so many fleas (parasites) that he no longer runs and plays because they have sapped his strength. Before long he will die.

We are that dog. I leave it up to you to discern who the greatest group of parasites in the world are. We, as free nations, will soon be dead.
In Light of Recent Events

In light of recent worldwide condemnation of JEWS for the war in Israel, I need to clear the air on my stance of JEWS.

First of all I don't have a bone to pick with any race of people, YES, I sometimes write bad things about JEWS, but, it's with something about the NWO in mind. Now, I'm well aware that ZIONISM and JEWS go hand in hand, but, that is really not the case, if you investigate more, You'll find Gentiles more and more carrying the SATANIC FLAG!

I don't have a racist tendency, I find it disgusting actually, My GOD commands me to try and Love and Respect everybody! In this F***ED up world that's getting hard to do.

Now as far as this thread goes, I stand by my actual words. Let me explain something, Jews for centuries have been more aggressive than Gentiles when it comes to BUSINESS! Whether you believe their "cheats," "crooks" or whatever, they're in charge of world finance and business mostly because they've OUTFOXED the GENTILE!

Now if gentiles suddenly got more BRUTISH in business affairs, I'm pretty damm certain world affairs would still be the same if not worse.

I'm sure some on this forum will see things differently, and I respect that, This is my OPINION, and I stand by it. :-o

P.S. I forgot to add this, when I say Jews are Americas Salvation, I mean Financial, For me personally no one, not even JEWS offer me any salvation, Only my Lord Jesus Christ can give me that! And if you follow WORLD FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS you'll see that America has been the benefactor of some 5trillion dollars in Investment money since the 2001 WTC attacks, look around you, especially the big cities, Chicago,New York,Los Angeles..ect not even China has invested that much in infrastruture. And YES ther'es a CONSPIRACY in their somewhere.

Follow the Money Trail

this website provides all construction of massive building in the world, look it up yourself.
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