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Default Let me see you facing this!

We are enthralled in speculating on conspiracies like in an endless computer game. We live for it; we are “conspiracy freaks.”
What do we lose and what do we win?

I don’t know how many of you are Christians, but for all of you I “reveal” this essential piece of information: this world shall come to its end and it shall be done by conspiracy. We couldn’t ever find out all details and even if we would, it wouldn’t help a bit. How does it help what we already know about it? Does it help at least us somehow?

We are actually doing what almost all people around are doing, including the “non-initiated” in conspiracies: nothing. We cannot see the wood for the trees; we are losing our time – and maybe even our souls, in the process. It is an endless race; we are running in circles. The prince of this world, who is the mastermind behind this millenary plan, is rubbing his (its?) hands (paws?), seeing us fools how eagerly we hunt each bit of news that no one else but himself has thrown us.

I think we are the first dupes - we that fancy ourselves more “aware” than the others.

What do you think? Can you think anymore?

If you can make just a little stop in your pursuit for the wind, I might also have the solution.

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