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Default Re: Jews are Americas salvation.

One reason Hitler hated the Christian religion

is because it made sheep out of the Germans
True...thats what put me off Christianity until I started to understand 'spiritual power' over 'physical power'.

Hitler liked his 'physical power' as do all demigods. He actually considered Christianity the fore runner to Communism.

Christ said "seek me for I am meek and humble". Being full of pride and afraid of the world and not able to fully realise and experience directly the power of God...i could'nt accept that.

God is in control. That i do know now hence why i do not find the need to abuse people who disagree with me anymore.

What will be will be and the concept of being "Jewish" and having allegience to God and His Commandments over the State is something we should ALL aspire too.

Pride is THE killer. Refusing to serve the other. The Jews of old are suffering both of these pretty do we all.
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