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Default Re: Let me see you facing this!

The more people know about what is behind the screen, the more it will be difficult for the politicians to follow the NWO agenda.

For instance, today in America some thousand people know about the reality of the FED: money created from nothing by a few kabbalist banksters in order to feed an evergrowing State, enterprises and personal indebtness which in turn is enslaving the whole society. When millions will know, no politician could any more do as if the issue didn`t even exist. Web sites like this allow to spread the information which is occulted by the controlled media.

Moreover, being informed about the social manipulations we are submitted to, allows avoiding to get brainwashed. This is important since the more people would resist to the NWO brainwashing (read Henry Makow articles for the details), the more difficult will be the realisation of the NWO`s agenda. Also, staying lucid instead of becoming "programmed" by the NWO mediatised propaganda allows to be stronger in mind, to resist more easily the desperation caused by the loss of all moral values, could they be "religious" or simply "humanist".
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