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Default Re: Book of Revelations

I quoted Nostradamus for a reason; it is not only us three that read these pages.

The original question was why do people always quote from the Book of Revelations when their other books of prophecy out there.

The answer I derived from 666 and ignt responses is that the book of revelations is so vague that it suits all and any purpose.

666, I have read the book of revelations, and the conclusion I have come to is that it is the ramblings of a mad man

ignt, you really need to get out more and experience life. You are human, same as everyone else and pretending to be anything but is a silly thing.

Inconclusion, the end of the world will come. Could be tomorrow, could be a 1000 years, could be in a billion. Whether it will be like anything prophesised remains to be seen, and will be completely pointless arguing about who was right and wrong at that time.

Life is too short to worry about when its going to end or how. Every minute you waste in this pursuit, will never be replaced. There are Billions of people outside my window. Today I'm going to reach out to 5 or more and see if I can make them smile. At this time, I am looking out of my window and seeing blue sky and sunshine, and the weather people have prophesised that it will be like this all day, and to be honest I hope their prophecy is better than anyone elses.
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