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Default Re: Max has an excellant idea!!!!!!!!! print on all currency

My question is whether this particular website is the one to pass around. I hadn't been there before and it doesn't seem particularly clear and immediate. I mean, obviously it's trying to convince people that 9/11 was a conspiracy and I suppose the hope is that once people start questioning that, then they might be ready to consider why it happened and who benefitted?

To explain myself, what led me HERE is my curiosity about the Skull & Bones connection between BU$H and Kerry... which led to, oh, my God, so many other researches. So, yes, I think the idea of putting a provocative message on currency is an excellent underground resistance way of "passing the message," but I think each one of us will have to decide what we believe will be the strongest beginning point to put out there. This is certainly making me think deeply about what message I personally would like to pass along to others.

And I agree, too, that if this means they have to destroy money and replace it, that's a good effort, too!
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