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Default Re: Let me see you facing this!

Thank you very much for your quick answer, John The Hun. I used to think like you for years. If someone would have come to me in those days with a perspective like mine now, I would surely have given him the same answer you give me now.

All that you have written is true, but I’ve come to discover there is a bigger truth behind it, that reduces it to zero, in a way.

I don’t say that we should give up being informed and let ourselves be brainwashed. I say we have forgotten something on the way, if we’ve ever known it. And this something proves to be crucial. After you get to know it, things look mighty different; it’s a “paradigm shift.” And you can really make a difference, whether you continue to inform people or not. It is like a foundation: if you don’t make it strong, all you ever build on it will crumble and you will have to build it again, like in the myth of Sisyphus.

I also happen to know something about conspiracies, too; I may not be such an expert as you, but I am not a “rookie” either. I even corresponded with Mr. Makow sometimes.

I’m sorry if I sound haughty or something, but I’m just trying to provoke you into deeper thinking.

For Ahmad and Nomad: peace be with you too, brothers!

Nice tries, though. Someone else, please?
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