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How many people does your arrogant young know-it-all ass think gives a damn about your belief in anything. Barbarian the Great decries that god screwed up in the Book (yeah its a book, what did you think it was, a bottle of Jack Daniels) of Revelations. God, Satan, Makow, me or any one else gives a rat's ass what you think about anything. What you write shows that you have had some trauma with the Bible and therefore your little mind hates it and you must make everyone else hate it or you are alone and can not carry on without the world thinking you are god. You will prove that what Revelations says is a bunch of crap and then the whole world will bow down to your infinite wisdom and say thank you Barbarian for straightening us out and showing god that you know more than he does. You idiot, do you know how many others have said the same thing and Revelations goes on and will continue to go on. You you fool will not. Your toes will curl up some day and the grave will swallow you up and the worms will spit you out while other people will read Revelations over you rotting head. Your arrogance and audacity would make even God wand to puke. You are a little dust speck on a dust speck in a dust speak and evil enough to want to try and influence others you have every right to believe so that they can get through this hell hole of big mouth smart asses like you. Why don't you since you are so knowledgeable about Greek and Aramaic,and Chaldean, and Hebrew start a new religion devoted to you so that people have the chance to worship a complete fool such as yourself. You would get plenty of fellow fools to join you. It is obvious you have no knowledge of the Bible of its languages or of how revelations is interwoven with the rest of the work. Did a priest scare you as a kid and now you seek vengeance on God. You think God only plays and is afraid of his halfwit children. Why don't you ask God directly, not the weak god of the churches, but the GOD of the Bible. Confront him with your ideas and challenge him to respond. That's the ticket brave imbecile confront God and explain how wrong he is, but don't be fooled by churches tempt the real God give him a test to perform on you. Since for your own stupid arrogance you expect that Revelations was written for your approval and interpretation. Don't shy away attack the GOD of the Bible in your own name, surly you self inflated opinion of your knowledge will prevail and maybe God will just run away and hide. Go ahead provoke God. I think you are a coward and a fool and ignorant and want attention because mommy didn't wipe your behind at some critical point in your childhood. Have a good day.
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