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Default Re: The Great "HIV" Hoax

It's a great fraud indeed. I'm sick of this medical mafia lying bastard group.

AIDS is a lifestyle disease which just happened to coincide with the mass use of Methamphetamine. "Meth" (particularly when injected) is a POWERFUL immune system depressant and also has the affect of severly limiting appetite and therefore nutritional health. Combine this with getting things stuck up your bum by various strangers who do this ALL over the world and it should ne no surprise when the immune system crashes.

That the media and ALL the interest groups can keep this dead fish going is a testament to "sheepus ignoramus"...a new disease i just invented and am pushing for funding on.

Having known well, two Phd's in genetics and molecular biology, i can tell you the WHOLE research arm of the economy and control grid is a disgrace. Results are FAKED...regularly. Litterally pulled from thin air to keep the funding going.

The next time an "expert" comes on the telly to explain why your life is not exactly as it should be...turn him off. He/she is in fact a PAID shill of the P.R arms of the gigantic and powerful medical mafia.
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