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Default Re: Freemasonry May have been Revolutionary in the U.S or Europe But was Conservative In Australia.

:-? Billard:
the impact and significance of freemasonry in NWO discussion is greatly exaggerated. also,i would point out, the relevance of religion is downplayed in a similar manner,while we read posts about space aliens in underground bases . some of the more important issues are being left unexplored,while the ridiculous is discussed in detail.
Actually i dont believe the threat of Freemasonary is overrated at all.
My point is that Freemasonry as we in the cec like to is term it is a, synarchy movement.
A synarchy movement does have objective goals in its creed. However ideologically these goals can be any shade of the ideological spectrum they do not have to be soley one political position.

In Australia,s case and many other anglo commonwealth countries the history of Freemasonry was definately conservative or vearing to the right wing as I have been reading it was not all left wing in Australias case. As i said I have been reading they helped to organise Militias in defense of the mainly Agricultural Anglo Establishment in Australia during the 1920s and 30s at that time our ruling middle and upper classes were Protestant and Anglo and the working classes here traditionally Irish and catholic.
As many of you should know catholics were never originally welcome in freemasonry.

However that does not mean I dismiss the nefarious threat of freemasonry, not in the slightest i realise how evil it is in consensus with most posters here!. :-?
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