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Default Re: CIA, Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual

Wayne Prime runs a training course at the "Military Intelligence" school in Kunundra, Queensland, Australia. As luck would have it he decided to have "relations" with my flat mate...i could'nt believe my luck (every conspiracy kooks dream). He had just finished "interrorgating" the local East Timor Militias who had been hacking little children and women to death before and after the 1999 elections for independance from Indonesia. He "assured" me that it was FAR more effective using clever techniques of well applied co-ercian than outright violence. Ha! Place an electrode ANYWHERE no my testicles and i'll give the jig up in 10 seconds flat.

Fact is, VIOLENCE is THE best technique. NO ONE holds out. No one. Hence why the U.S government exports it and Russia and China just do it themselves in house.

P.S As a side note...after one viewing of "JFK", Wayne indeed admitted that it seemed Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill the President. Little victories.

P.P.S Not ALL people involved in the military (even special forces) are nasty people. Most are in fact very nice but incredibly underinformed and nieve.
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