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Default Re: Jews are Americas salvation - Some Talmud Quotes...

Interesting note on the hypocrisy involving the Talmud and the Rabbi's who preach it...

In other words, one of the leaders of the Russian Jewry views as insulting for non-Jewish population of Russia certain provisions of this Jewish code of behavior, yet feels it appropriate to invite his tribesmen to study these insults in yeshivas – Jewish schools financed to some extent from federal and local budgets. But even in this censored version we find the following provisions:

• In the “Laws about idolatry,” it is stated that a “figure made from two crossed sticks that is used to worship is banned for usage” – i.e. Christianity is viewed as idolatry and all provisions defining relations with idolaters (“acums”) imply in Russia (a country with the majority confessing Orthodoxy) by and large Orthodox Christians (p. 389).

• A directive for one who comes upon a heathen temple (e.g. a church) to say a curse: “The house of arrogant will be destroyed by G-d.” When one sees a demolished church, one should exclaim: “G-d of retribution has acted!” Moreover, there is another interpretation of this provision: “Some feel that this should be understood as houses of non-Jews living in peace, calm and wealth (pp. 389-390).

• Equating non-Jews with excrements (pp. 47, 48).

• Prohibition of instructing non-Jews in trades (p. 390).

• “A Jewess should not aid a non-Jewess during birth giving”, except in cases when this would serve “not to provoke animosity toward us… and strictly for pay” (p. 390).

• “If a person borrows from a non-Jew, who subsequently passes away, he has the right to refuse payment to his son who is not sure whether or not his father loaned money to this Jew” (p. 405).

• In money matters, if a non-Jew made an error, it is permitted to profit by the error” (p. 406).

• “It is forbidden to hand over a Jew into the hands of a non-Jew, regardless whether or not the life of the Jew is involved or his property; and it is immaterial if this is done by some act or word; and it is forbidden to denounce him or point out places where his property is hidden” (p. 408) – we emphatically ask that a special note is made of this: this pertains to the prescribed behavior for Jews during an investigation and in a court of law.

• Of course, among the 13 main principles of Judaism is the expectation the Jewish world leader who will install the Jews to rule over other nations of the world: “I unconditionally believe in the coming of Moshiakh and, while he is being delayed, I will nevertheless continue to expect him every day” (p. 485). In the teachings of the Orthodox Church, this expected world ruler is equated with Antichrist about whom we have been warned by Jesus Christ (John 5:43), Apostle Paul (Thess. 2:8), and holy fathers of the Church. This is an important and inseparable part of the Orthodox teaching of the end of the world.
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