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Default Here's Galloway's offical Parlimentary site:

George Galloway is one of the few politicians I'd trust to give me the time of day. He used to be a member of the ruling Labour Party, but resinged and joined the anti-war alliance "RESPECT". He went on to be elected as the first "RESPECT" MP in history. Unlike so many of his sycophantic colleagues in the Cabinet (which sadly includes my own MP Andrew Smith), he actually made a real stand against the War on Terror".

He has suffered as a result. He has been ridiculed and demonized by the tabloid press.

I personally dislike the way he drew attention to the attack on Iraq by supporting Saddam and his family. Just because the invasion was a war crime doesn't automatically make Saddam Hussein a nice guy. Saddam was a viscious oppressor who did deserve to be removed from power. All I object to is the fact that he was removed from power by the same organizations which put him into power in the first place, and it being done through the wholesale slaughter of half millions of innocents, and the starving and poisoning of millions more.

Here's Galloway's offical Parlimentary site:
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