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Default Re: Jews are Americas salvation.

truebeliever wrote:
We are all earthlings first and foremost.
True. However, I think their will have to be a choice.

Christianity is the appropriate "religious psychological state" for a modern Westerner which is why the third world turns to it in droves when life improves. Take China...a HUGE thriving Christian Church above and beyond the State run version.

You can run but you cant hide.


Christianity believe it or not is the most

technologically advanced belief system. It has

proven itself ad nauseam to be prophetically

dead accurate and more accurate than tommorrow's

newspaper. All its critics are dead and dying and

this document is more alive than ever. One

interesting prophecy by the good Jew boy himself

is that he foretold that he would become the

most popular person on Earth as the end times

approached. Hollywood with all its power and the

world media with all its power could not match

this with any personality if they wanted to.

Here's a guy who said 2000 YEARS ago without

writing a book, with no microphone, no tv, no

radio and walking around in his sandals stating

that the world will NEVER forget him. What

kind of egotistical maniac would say this ?

How preposterous a statement, yet has this come

true ?
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