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Default Introductions

Just saying hi. I want to read up more completely the older postings before I start regular posting, but I may have found some like minds here.

I won't go into specifics since this is the internet and I've got enemies but I can share this much:

I work in IT

I live along the Gulf of Mexico coast (way too close to where Hurricane Katrina hit so things still are screwy here. (more on that later as it has a bearing on what this site is about)

My interests are survivalist in nature. I hike, bike, camp out. My "goth" leanings might be confusing to some but they are more in the nature of how I like to dress and my musical and literary tastes.

I often disappear for a week at a time as the nature of my work allows and I'll either go camping in the woods or HA! cruising what's left of The Big Easy (New Orleans). There's still enough there to intrigue my musical/poetic/literary interests.

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