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Default Re: Book of Revelations

You seem to be stuck on the record about microchipping.
What would be the point of microchipping, especially in the forehead?
Fingerprints, retina scans, DNA sampling, all much more positive and less likely to be tampered with than a chip. DNA sampling is allready taking place and we do know that they are keeping the records. Microchipping will not be required.

I STILL have not seen ANYTHING 'correct' in ANY prophecy from ANY source. The person you are asking to provide a better source doesnt believe in prophecy. It would be pointless for an unbeliever to tell a believer what to believe in.

I have read other prophecies, and they all contain fantastic tales, and all I see is fantastic tales, they all claim to be written about predicting the future, they all predict a final battle between Good and Evil, they all offer glimmer of hope at the end.

Perhaps instead of me saying which is the better source, I'll say which I found the best to read. Viking mythology provided the best story, Ragnarok, and I will provide a very brief version of the story for you and then compare it to modern day

In the Norse Myth, the world will face Fimbul winter, the worst winter imaginable, 3 years of solid hard winter and no summer. The battle will be taken by all. Gods, giants, humans. All will fight and all will perish.
The prediction says the start of Fimbul winter will start after the birth of 3 beings (funny enough, the father of which is Loki, their god of mischief)The 3 beings; One is a sea serpent, the second is a huge wolf, the third would be the queen of Hel.
There will be the sounding of a horn so loud it will be heard throughout the worlds.
The wolves Hati and Skoll will devour the sun.
And then the final battle

Well lets summon it to modern times
Fimbul winter: One of the scenarios for global warming will be the triggering of an ice age, or perhapsit will be a nuclear winter.
3 strange beings: One is a sea serpent, Would this be a nuclear submarine? But how could vikings predict such a vehicle?
The second is a huge wolf. The wolf would be caged for a while before becoming too large (NWO? Perhaps a single country) A strange portent because its children are Hati and Skoll, the same wolves who will later consume the sun (nuclear missiles?).
The third would be the queen of Hel. Hel is the domain of the dead (not Valhalla which is place reserved for heroes) so this time we have an Antichrist, but the plucky Vikings decided on a Miss Antichrist!
The sounding of the horn: Sirens blaring all over the world or the sound of nuclear weapons being detonated would account for the horn,
The final battle where all shall perish: the survivors, sick from radiation will fight over the last scraps of food before death finally claims them.
Nuclear detonations would cover the sun, giving the assumption to a primitive society that it had been removed, perhaps devoured.

Hows that 666? As good as microchipping?

There is a lot more to the story and it makes much better reading than the Book of Revelations. But are its prophecies any better than Christian ones? No. Will you be using it for reference? I doubt it. You already have one book and to hell with everyone elses predictions, theirs must be wrong
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