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Default Re: The Nation of AZTLAN & MEChA

O_VAUGHAN wrote:
There has been a grass-roots movement in the U.S. for about 30 years to establish the Southwest as the Nation of Aztlan.

This is happening right under our noses, I believe. No one I ask about this is even aware of it. I'm talking about East coast white people, BTW. Are any of you aware of this movement? Has it been discussed here yet?

This movement is as old as "beans and rice." Your looking in the wrong place, Mecha is just a bunch of stupid-ass morons, sort of like the skin-head movement. try looking at these organizations. (I would post links, but Why? nobody here gives a shit about the "SILENT INVASION") except me, that's why I created the thread The Absurdities of Illegal Immigration!

1. league of united latin american citizens (LULAC)
2.Mexican American Legal Defence Fund (MALDEF)
3.Southwest Voter Registration Network
Ther'es alot more but I'm already bored.....later! :-(
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