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Default Re: The Elite (Rich) and What They do for You

666 wrote:

I don't know how Spinberg can sleep at night.

Here is an avowed Jew making movies that are

completely anti-Jewish. Jews are taught that one

reason Jews are not to intermarry and water

down their faith is to protect the dissemination

of the torah through the generations.

Spinberg gets the chance to do what a Jew was born

and bred to do and he does the exact opposite !

Well 666, you obviously are lacking in certain areas concerning Jews and the NWO, specifically Liberalism and the Jewish mindset.

Liberalism (the mental disorder) is why Jews like Spinberg and the Rest of the (self hating Jews) do what you percieve to be the exact opposite.

You see liberalism is almost genetic in the general population, but it is almost UNIVERSAL among JEWS, this is why jews in the U.S. and Israel almost always take the side of Palestinians,Arabs,ect. This (mental disorder) dislodges common sense, including self preservation. If you knew what I was writing about, there would be no need for further discussion on this subject, Now please don't take this the wrong way, I'm simply pointing out a PROBLEM among so called Conspiracy types, liberalism is just a big part of the Power Elitist tool chest, They've brainwashed the entire planet with this (mental disorder.) 8-)
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