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789 wrote:
>>And just what is wrong with these socialist programs as you call them?.

They are theft. The cancer is not some special kind of cell. It is just one that adopted the life-style of the parasite. It received the wrong information. In stead of learning to be productive, to provide for itself, etc., it learned that all it has to do is eat and grow, eat and grow, (even invented the philosophy of entitlement to the products of other people's work) untill it kills the normal cells around it, and the body dies.
The parasite always kills the host !

If you are a socialist, what is your objection to the marxist world republic ? Not enough welfare ? You dreamed of different kind of marxism, and now you are disappointed ?

The same people who brought to you all these socialist programs are bringing you the new world order, which is a political entity.

Socialism = a system in which society (by state force) takes care of responsiblities which are the duties of the individual. Such as feeding yourself, your wife, your children;
clothing yourself and your children, wife;
housing yourself, your wife and your children;
raising your children, paying for their education;
taking care of your health and paying for it;
taking care of your elderly parents;

Responsibilities of society
widows, orphans, fatherless

Since you brought up the "Illuminati", could you point me to some original source regarding that outfit ?
Well Said!

Socialism,liberalism,Communism, has been a CANCER on humanity for too long. The NWO thrives on humanity being dependent on government, Yes, I agree that there are good social programs that are neccessary, but how much can a individual be taxed? 40% 50% 60% of income?

This is why I see myself as being a Independent Conservative, As the world turns! :-)
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