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Default I have information about August 22nd

There is a key date coming up on August 22nd.

1st - some history

August 22nd is a key date for Islamic extremists - it corresponds to a day in the Islamic Calendar from 1427 when Muhammed took flight on the winged Horse Buraq to the "furthest Mosque"

other clicky on August 22nd
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It is also the day that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announces Irans policy on their Nuclear ambitions.

It is also the day that the UK bombers had planned for their campaign - not two days ago as many are led to believe.

2nd - what will happen

Many in the security services are expecting a major terrorist strike - but I have information that in fact - an american agency are planning a major disaster - I cannot reveal this publicly - but suffice to say, it will APPEAR as if it is an extremist terrorist act.

This is all I can say - but do not travel in Europe on this date. Innocents will be caught up in it all.

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