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Default Re: Book of Revelations


It's costs me $5 an hour to use the net. Send me a cheque and i'll write and "quote" exactly for you. It will take several hours at least.


You can watch the video I linked to..."Mediggio: The March To Armageddon". It aint perfect and researcher Dave Hunt makes some silly claims like how the Western Intelligence services have tried to destroy Israel :-)

However, this WILL answer MANY questions for you. However, you hav'nt watched it have you? I fact I G-A-U-R-A-N-T-E-E you have at best "perused" Revalation and The Bible and have certainly made ZERO attempt at objectively evaluating the claims in it.

Forgive my tone but the very thing you claim of others (NOT attempting understanding of other religious claims) is THE very thing you are guilty of yourself. I have personally been reading and studying Myths and stories for 16 years including the works of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell to name but a few. I was in fact a confirmed "Jungian" before returning to the fold prodigal son style.

I agree MANY myths and stories claim many things. Some similar to Revelation. NONE however, come CLOSE to the accuracy and "specificity" (that is a horrible word) of the Bible and Revelation. I can say this with some condfidence. I am personally not some "silly ill informed Christian" who has known nothing else.

The Norse myths were appropriate for the Nordic people at a particular time and a particular place. It was a myth that lived and now it has died. Their is NO reviving it "en-masse" to somehow replace Christianity which is the appropriate "religious psychological state" for a modern Westerner (i'm happy to discuss that with you). Nazi ideology proclaims that the evil Christians and inparticular the Catholic Church destroyed the "innocent and peace loving" Pagans...some of the most war like and vile people on Earth. That the Catholic Church, inparticular, resorted to measures FAR from the teachings of Christ should be taken up with the Papacy and not lumped on Christ who gave CLEAR teachings.

The Spaniards in their "looting" of Central and South America were doing no more than the so called "noble savages" who would sacrifice up to 20,000 people at a time to their Gods after looting and capturing their rival tribes goodies. At least the Spaniards gave the natives a chance to convert before giving them the sword. The natives I might add wer'nt exactly waving feathers at the Spaniards.

Their has been MANY shortcomings to the application of Christs Commanment:

1) Follow the Commandments (10 of them:-))

2) Love thy God with all thy heart and all thy soul.

3) Love thy neighbour as thy self.

These shortcomings were the result of personal failings on the part of imperfect human beings. Not Christ.

If you know of any better rules for living then please let me know.

Be more objective in your critique of Christianity and please actually study the text you are bagging. Dont let imperfect, silly Christians ruin an appreciation of the magnificent life of Christ. :-)

P.S Please forgive the tone. I get constantly harrassed with claims about the Bible from people who have never read it but have watched a David Icke video. Ironically, I used to say similar things that you do about "the silly Bible".
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