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Default Re: Christianity has little to do with Christ

well i have a little understanding as to the origins of originated with christ. to say it originated 300 years later is a lie. anyone saying it originated 300 years later is either a liar or a believer of lies.

christianity has everything to do with christ. i've said it before ,i'll say it again...the Bible is the source for truth. read it,particularly the new testament. to say "faith is important" or "God is important" is irrelevant and innocuous . there are many "gods" and many "faiths". there is only one Jesus .only one church,only one Bible, and the truth is not in the eye of the beholder as beauty is said to be .
relativism is nonsense.the truth is the truth . period .we are sinners. we need a savior. we have one in the lord jesus christ.that's it.period.the story and the details are in the new it.
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