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Default Re: Seymour Hersh: U.S. involved in Israeli plans to invade Leba

Just business as usual.

Makes perfect sense. Annoyed I could'nt see what was so obvious.

Israel is securing it's Northern flank before the bombing campaign of Iran. Israel is probably "allowing" Hezbollah to use up ALL it's missiles.

It had me puzzled how Israel, with ALL it's high tech millimeter wave radar on high flying aircraft, Apache choppers and drones could possibly miss the OBVIOUS lauch signitures of clumsy Katusha rocket launchers.

NOTHING is going to stop the ultimate nuking of Iran. Before it will come a covert op to kill as many Americans as possible...perhaps an aircraft carrier in the Gulf. The 5th Columnists Bolshevick neo-cons, in league with the covert apparatus of Israeli intelligence will pull it off, further incriminating Arabs and Islam.

Marching does N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Good exercise and it may make you feel better but just give it up. The Left are a bunch of useless idiots.

VOTE!!!! Vote the bastards out and put in your own!!!!!! You should have done it years late now truth be known.

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