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Default Re: I have information about August 22nd

They had passports, they were applying late for false ones.
They had explosives - this will come out, but it wont come out until Sept 5th.
They didn't have tickets - planning to buy them closer to the 22nd.

8 days to go...
Please provide the references for your claims.:-)

I have attempted to find stuff on the "liquid bombers" but their is NONE!!!!!! All quiet on the western front.

On Sunday night on the Australian Broadcasting network eveniong news, a spokes man for the London police complained NONE of the alledged bombers had EXPLOSIVES, PASSPORTS or PLANE TICKETS. He went on to explain that London police had been "pressured" via Washington to act on surveillance; Abdul stating he hated England and America. Big deal. I do it all the time.

Last night they MIRACULOUSLY stated they had found a "gun". It is ALL COMPLETE usual.

They are currently DESPERATELY searching a bit of woodland near their houses for something...ANYTHING to cover the fact they are incompetant idiots. :-)
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