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Default The "Liquid Bombers" - And Other Tales...

The WHOLE liquid bomber stuff is a completely manufactured event. A bunch of angry Islamists have been venting loudly their distatse of the Wests propensity of dropping bombs on little arab boys and girls...fancy that?

Abdul's yelled on the phone..."we should blow something up..." and the rest is history.

NO passports.

NO plane tickets.

NO bombs!

Just a story 3 days after the event claiming to have found a "gun". Probably a plastic one.

Go here for a good collection of articles detailing the crap of this crap. I want to pull it apart bit by bit but quite frankly I am insulted by this amature hour cover up by the inept British "anti terrorist" unit.

They are SOOOOOO embarrased it aint funny.

Link To Collection Of Articles By Wayne Marsden

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