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Default Re: The chip is coming.

What makes you think they don't know?
Sarcasm my friend. Of course they know. Thats the point.

And how do you find the owner of sites in the UK, Europe and US behind anonymous hosting companies? The intelligence services can find it, but you can't - unless you are a spook or a cop.
These hosting companies ARE intelligence fronts. In the end, when the coppers come calling with a warrent, little "egg head" I.T manager will open up the files quick smart.

And how do you think an anonymous hosting company in Iran would respond to a request from British Intelligence Services?
In the end EVEN the hosting company MUST have "related" I.P address's to send you around the web. These can be linked. The NSA can get in where ever the hell it wants. :-)

There is NO SUCH thing as "anonamous surfing"...period.
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