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Default Re: Moon Landing Hoax

Man never made it to the moon ... otherwise

the Russians would have done it, the Japanese

would have gone 10 times already and India and

China would quit delaying when they would go ...

not to mention that the U.S. would have gone

back already instead of claiming they need to

do safety tests before going ???
I say they went. The photographic evidence put about is easily explainable...
Are The Moon Landing Photo's Faked?

I am not so convinced the WHOLE debate is "planted" like a David Icke "lizard theory" to keep us distracted and largely discredited. They probably have the just keeps us posting on it and distracted.

HOWEVER...the ONE thing that keeps me wondering is the media interview when the Apollo 11 astronaughts look like they've just been told they will be shot at dawn. They dont look very happy. In fact you could say they are not happy about being involved in a fraud.

Who knows...I think about it when i need a break from thinking about how i'm gonna avoid taking the "Australia Card" with it's biometric thingies. :-)
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