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Default Re: The "Liquid Bombers" - And Other Tales...

You asked me in another thread to name my sources - and you source is this one?
It was just a quickie. The whole subject is a complete fraud so i wont be spending to much time on it.

I'm still waiting for some sort of indication on your sources. Dont ar'nt doing a pHD...just some indication.

I tried to read his rambling inane thoughts, but got lost when he tried to link the tapping of those idiot Princes to the terror plot. He then meandered onto an anti Murdoch rant.
You are easily lost.

The thing is, there are more evil things in this world happening - he seems to be playing around the edges. Murdoch is an evil self serving businessman, who has the ear of many heads of state - but remember they also have his ear.
Murdoch is a Globalist lackey through and through. He does what the Bankers tell him to do. Like a J.P Morgan...he owns little of his business and is an owned and operated entity of the Banking and Financial sector.

Getting back to our "liquid bombers"...

Here is the current "mainstream" theme...


NO bombs or bomb material.

NO passports.

NO plane tickets.

The coppers are busy looking through some woodland. They are desperate. Maybe someone will throw 3 bullets in a line on a 6th floor somewhere and link it to them. :-o

The coppers have NOTHING.

A major Brit airline is SUING Heathrow over the debacle. They know it's shit and they aint happy about it.

The coppers are inept and easily led by the Intelligence services. Actually, the coppers are worse than inept. I have never met more hopelessly stupid people in my life who have not the SLIGHTEST knowledge of history or how the world really works.

All it takes is a "file" detailing some words spoken in Arabic by "Uri" down at Mossad in Tel Aviv and the dick head coppers are falling all over themselves making fools of themselves.

Yeh, the Talmud is true after all. The Goyim are indeed stupid and easy to decieve. :-)
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