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Default Re: I have information about August 22nd

BTW - several of the bombers travelled to Pakistan about 10 days before they were arrested. So how did they leave the country and then return without passports and tickets?
So "they" say.

We followed the money, simple as that
Really? How'd ya follow it? "We"?
:-D "Real" terrorists use cash...just as smart drug dealers do. "Real" terrorists do not speak about things over phones or "between 4 walls". "Real" terrorists, like good drug dealers, are smart enough to aquaint themselves with the surveillance capabilities of the various intelligence gathering arms of the local police and Intelligence services. These "patsy's" are a few fools pissed off with seeing dead Lebbo kids on the telly. They shouted Allah Akbah over the phone and now they've been arrested. That'll teach 'em.

Bets are on!

Within a few days or perhaps weeks we will see ALL these people released. ALL of them.

Already the courts are ready to throw out the requests for further detention.
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