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Default Re: Israel Must Be Held Accountable For Its International Law Violations

Let me play devil's advocate here and beg to differ by asking the question, "What about the multitude of Muslim International Law Violations"
I agree. Hamas and Hezbollah are fools. If they spent more money on supplying EVERY family in Palestine a video camera to record the daily grind then things might change...quicker.

Less bombs and more bandwidth I say.

The trouble with the Arabs is their habit of leaving "business" to the big boys who do deals in backrooms. This does not work. Arafat was as corrupt as hell and brokering BILLION DOLLAR loans to Hungry...i kid you not.

Grass roots activism showing the boot eternally on the necks of local Arabs would change things overnight. They dont do it so the mainstream press does it for them.

Yeah, crushing defenseless people with rockets and AKs..
AK's allowed to them by Isreal and the U.S a few years back when the "two state" plan was first partially agreed on and the PLO (Fatah) was allowed to officially arm. If you're going to throw out a million Arabs into Jordan and cant have them defencless as you kill them.

If they want peace in the middle east, they should leave Israel alone..plain and simple.
Yes, indeed. They should simply record the DAILY humiliation and PROVOCATION that the IDF visits on them EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have friends in the Orthodox Church who travel and live in Israel. The stories they tell of DISGUSTING, UNPROVOKED attacks on Arabs makes me sick. They even regularly smash the gates on the Christian Churches their with their bull dozers.

But I think we all know that they want Israeal blown off the face of the map.. How do we know? They say it daily...
Indeed, after being invaded by 600,000 central European Jew converts who have ZERO historical tie to the region, I too would want them blown off the face of the map. After being thrown out of my ancestoral home where my people have lived for 1300 years...yeh, i'f be pissed too. After seeing my village flattened and my children killed...yeh, i'd want them blown off the face of the map too.

Bernard Tandy was a close friend and mentor. He was ex-paratroop regiment and the personal body gaurd of "General (Boy) Browning" who was fending off the terrorist "Stern Gang" who liked to garrot and hang booby trapped British soldiers. 1945 on was a time of ruthless terrorist action by the various Jewish/Zionist groups from Europe who were on the whole athiestic Jews who liked to build "Kibbutz's" (Communes) on land occupied by Arabs. Land that was of course "un occupied" after they killed and drove off the Arab goat herders.

As an example of the lengths "apolagists" for the RUTHLESS occupation of Palestine will go, we must review the infamous book written by "Joan Peters" - "From Time Immamorial". This book claimed that their were few if ANY Arabs in the region and they only flooded in after the hard working jews from Europe built the place up and created economic oppurtunities.

There were HEAPS of "official" graphs and "statistics" to back it all up. Only problem was a complete made up pack of lies. Exposed by Dr Norman Finkelstein it is testament to the GROSS and unbeleivable lengths the rabid Zionist movement will go to defend the un-Biblical return of Jew converts from central Europe.

I'll tell you another, last case—and there are many others like this. Here's a story which is really tragic. How many of you know about Joan Peters, the book by Joan Peters? There was this best-seller a few years ago [in 1984], it went through about ten printings, by a woman named Joan Peters—or at least, signed by Joan Peters—called From Time Immemorial. It was a big scholarly-looking book with lots of footnotes, which purported to show that the Palestinians were all recent immigrants [i.e. to the Jewish-settled areas of the former Palestine, during the British mandate years of 1920 to 1948]. And it was very popular—it got literally hundreds of rave reviews, and no negative reviews: the Washington Post, the New York Times, everybody was just raving about it. Here was this book which proved that there were really no Palestinians! Of course, the implicit message was, if Israel kicks them all out there's no moral issue, because they're just recent immigrants who came in because the Jews had built up the country. And there was all kinds of demographic analysis in it, and a big professor of demography at the University of Chicago [Philip M. Hauser] authenticated it. That was the big intellectual hit for that year: Saul Bellow, Barbara Tuchman, everybody was talking about it as the greatest thing since chocolate cake.Well, one graduate student at Princeton, a guy named Norman Finkelstein, started reading through the book. He was interested in the history of Zionism, and as he read the book he was kind of surprised by some of the things it said. He's a very careful student, and he started checking the references—and it turned out that the whole thing was a hoax, it was completely faked: probably it had been put together by some intelligence agency or something like that. Well, Finkelstein wrote up a short paper of just preliminary findings, it was about twenty-five pages or so, and he sent it around to I think thirty people who were interested in the topic, scholars in the field and so on, saying: "Here's what I've found in this book, do you think it's worth pursuing?"...
Link To Full Quote

So good luck with your train of thought.
Good luck with yours.

I despise them all but ESPECIALLY the IDF. They ALL deserve each other...Hamas, Hezbollah and the IDF. All ruthless killers who care nothing for the ordinary people of the region.

The "invasion" of Lebanon by the Israeli's military was a classic example of using air power to reduce Hezbollah's capabilities while at the same time reduced their own casualties.
Agreed. It's exactly what the U.S and Israel will do to Iran now that they've cleared their Northern flank.

Israel was under no compulsion to expend more lives than necessary to accomplish their mission.
Well duh.

Many of the "war crimes" that you suggest that Israel is guilty of are no such thing. I am quite familiar with what is and more particularly what is not a war crime.
Partly true. Hezbollah were hiding their rocket launchers in civilian areas. For this they should be condemned. However, NOTHING can explain the bombing of areas completely outside the area's of fighting. If you agree with that then you are a fraud on this forum. a Zionist apolagist for Israel who is not interested in the truth.

The use of overwhelming firepower to respond to an act of war has been military doctrine since the Roman Legions.
You know nothing of this region nor it's history or politics. You are an armchair Tom Clancy reading warrior. You've never even seen a dead body.

The history is plain for all to see...10 Arabs are killed by a 6inch shell fitted with a proximity fuse from an Israeli gunboat. They were swimming in Gaza. THIS is where it has stemmed from. It was a deliberate provacation to bring on the well planned attack on Lebanon. ADMITTED to have been planned for months.

Please do better than just spout the leftists line.
And what of your shit?

I was looking forward to your posts being ex military (according to you). However I see you are most likely a Zionist stooge lackey. Probably based in New York. You could in fact be anybody. If you think because you've served you can tell us a thing or two...lets see.

If you're gonna sprout bullshit then prepare for an earful. Your silly original post about watching out for "August 22" should have been the warning.

Get yourself another Tom Clancy novel and settle in for the night Bro...
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