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Tor wrote:
A little about myself and my interests first.

I am a retired military officer who has been out of active service now about 2 years. Most of my duty time was spent in Southwest USA. Think Mojave Desert and you will be close. I was branched Infantry but because of my degree,I spent a lot of time doing field testing with Natick consultants. I have seen an abundant amount of technology of both the lethal and non-lethal variety.

I bring that up because there is a lot of mis-information out there about military capabilities. When I can do so, I will hopefully give some insight into what is possible and what is clearly impossible.

Hopefully I can add something to this site. The truth about things is often much stranger than you can imagine.

So see you around the forum.

Welcome Tor !

Glad to have you here.


First question: Is it true that Israel can

easily put up an "electronic wall of

china" that would cause ANY incoming missile or

airplane etc. to EXPLODE in mid air ?

Does such a technology exist ?
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