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Israel does not have that technology. The United States has done testing of what you are refering to. But not deployed as yet. Still some years away and their are many difficulties with the approach. I can't really comment on the level of shared military technology between the USA and Israel. Let's just say its limited to certain things.

Interfereing with guidance systems and destroying electronic components can be done at a distance within a localized area. But a broad band approach to that problem requires a lot of infrastructure.

I hope that helps a little.

666 wrote:
Tor wrote:
A little about myself and my interests first.

I am a retired military officer who has been out of active service now about 2 years. Most of my duty time was spent in Southwest USA. Think Mojave Desert and you will be close. I was branched Infantry but because of my degree,I spent a lot of time doing field testing with Natick consultants. I have seen an abundant amount of technology of both the lethal and non-lethal variety.

I bring that up because there is a lot of mis-information out there about military capabilities. When I can do so, I will hopefully give some insight into what is possible and what is clearly impossible.

Hopefully I can add something to this site. The truth about things is often much stranger than you can imagine.

So see you around the forum.

Welcome Tor !

Glad to have you here.


First question: Is it true that Israel can

easily put up an "electronic wall of

china" that would cause ANY incoming missile or

airplane etc. to EXPLODE in mid air ?

Does such a technology exist ?
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