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Default Links in messages

Hello all, I am new here, but I have followed this site with great interest as a lurker before.

Although I think this site is great, I have one great concern in that alot of this posts contain links to other sites where promises of great stories and revelations are to be found.

But I am concerned as such links are capable of inserting software such as keylogers and data vipers into our systems. In fact I have heard from computer experts that by proactively clicking on such links, you negate the ability of your firewall to prevent these trojans from entering your system and transmitting all your information to whoever controls these sites.

I don't mean to accuse any of you of doing such missdeads but I know that you can unwittenly fall prey and get duped by these people.

So I ask the posters to paste what they want us to see to the message instead of placing all of us in danger of falling prey.

Thank you for your time.

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