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Default Re: Links in messages

Without links there is no internet. Your reading way too much into the warnings. It is mostly concerned with links (URLs) inside email messages. It's called phishing. They send out millions of messages disguised as, say, a legit site such as eBay or PayPal. To the newbies out there the email looks like the real thing. In it they'll tell you click on the link to verify your info or something. Hovering over the link usually exposes the deception in the status bar. Instead of the link will point to (this is for for effect)

It is true that some sites can give you a virus, install a trojan or some sort of spyware; but this is usually due to Active X components installed in IE Explorer. Use a secure browser, such as Firefox, and you mostly eliminate the threat outright.

On top of this, get yourself a good antivirus, keep it up to date and do regular scans. Get yourself a spyware program, and likewise do the same.

With a secure browser, the above tools, and a Firewall (software or hardware) - and unless you continually troll the seedy side of the internet: the real sick porn sites and/or illegal hacking and software sites - you need not worry.

Without links the internet would not be surfable. The very foundation of the Web would be broken. Do not be afraid of clicking links (besides the one's in emails sent to you unsolicited by a major coorporation, i.e. your bank). If you need to go to PayPal, eBay, your bank or something. Type in the URL directly in the address bar by hand.

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