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Default Re: Israel Must Be Held Accountable For Its International Law Violations

You know nothing of this region nor it's history or politics. You are an armchair Tom Clancy reading warrior. You've never even seen a dead body.
Still not having figured out the quote feature in this forum yet, I will try to respond.

I am very far from an "armchair general". Yes to my regret, I have engaged in military operations that resulted in the death of both US soldiers and enemy combatants.

August 22? Have no idea what you are talking about. I believe you are quoting someone else.

I'm sorry you don't like the way Israel conducts military campaigns. Maybe you should fly over there and inform their military staff how to do one without killing anyone. Your attempt to show moral equalivalence between Hezbollah fails on so many levels that I wouldn't even know where to begin with you.

I stand by my statement. The use of disproportionate military force to respond to a military provacation is not only warranted but has always been used by nations.
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