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Default Re: How should I live my life?

Hey ho folks,

This is an interesting question. Having had children already, the way the world is for them is often a souce of sadness for me. It's hard to get happy when the system is being mean to your kids. It's hard when your children have to learn to make allowances for the ignorant adults they have to deal with.

I took my youngest out of school as her teacher is a bitch. The good thing that happened there was that after I locked horns with the gay principal(which I do not agree with), Miss Pain has at least learned to stop yelling at the primary class. My son in grade 6, sits across the hall from her, hears everything. None of the kids like her or the principal.

I'm an adult and I can't tolerate those two idiots!

How do I cope? You gotta learn to role with the punches. If uniherdity is not doing it for you - leave. I advocate trade schools for a brighter future. Plumbers, carpenters, electricians - these fields earn great money, are easy to learn and can be a very satisfying job.

I am 38 and I live by "Hurdles into Stepping Stones." It's my mantra, you could say. I get another hurdle or a roadblock, I ask God for help and do what I can to move forward.

As I have expressed here, I believe everyone throws away their rosy colored glasses when they start learning about the truth and replace them with MIB dark conspiracy shades - the world appears an awfully dark place.

Getting out in nature and going for a walk in God's Eden we call earth is a great fixer-upper for me. Helps to put everything into perspective. I also listen to music that lifts me.

I do not believe the NWO has the complete power overthe world, that they profess. We are only learning how they want things to be - the New World Order - that doesn't mean it is going to be the way they want it. God is running the show in my books.

I, personally, believe in divine intervention. Most people are just no longer attuned to the average everyday miracle of waking up still breathing.

I understand and appreciate that there are those in this world who are living hell in comparison to my life so who am I to give up when I have it so easy, in comparisonto most? What I am getting at, is that even in these crazy hard times we need to be grateful for the good. Thankful, just to be alive.

We, as a global society, need to focus more on the good in life. Compassion is a word I'm going to write about this morning.

Get on with your life and enjoy it as much as possible. When you understand the ripples you may encounter, makes it much easier to get out the boat, chuck it over your shoulders and portage your canoe avoiding the rough waters.

If you are caught in a current, you can either be a guppy and go with the flow or you can run like Salmon, leaping out over and past the waters that would disrupt your course.

Life is a choice. How determined and focussed are you? Are you focussing on being happy or being miserable? That's the reality I live in and the way I live my life. I don't know if it helps...

Mary XXX
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