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Default Re: The chip is coming.

truebeliever wrote:

These hosting companies ARE intelligence fronts. In the end, when the coppers come calling with a warrent, little "egg head" I.T manager will open up the files quick smart.
You said anyone could find an owner of a website - now its a copper with a "warrent" - make your mind up.
In the end EVEN the hosting company MUST have "related" I.P address's to send you around the web. These can be linked. The NSA can get in where ever the hell it wants. :-)

There is NO SUCH thing as "anonamous surfing"...period.
Still haven't answered how the NSA finds the owner of a website that was hosted securely from Iran on Day 1 and removed by its hoster on Day 3 - then replicated as "reportage" around the world.
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