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Default English prof is accusing me of plagiarism when it's not true

Our assignment was to write a piece on feminism and I suppose out of spite I produced a diatribe against this force that subverts Western Civilization and alluded to a New World Order. Up until this point I was quite disillusioned with the class and turned in mediocre work, but I really took this bull by the horns and gave my spiel.

Today at the break she asked to speak to me and said that she thinks I got "extra help" and that I'm on thin ice. I argued with her and told her to google any sentence or passage she wanted, and she said "I don't want to have to do that."

Great, you accuse me of cheating but you don't want to prove it.

I guess she's pissed that she can't make me become another self-hating male feminist :lol:

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