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Most people believe that the blue beam project was successful when it was applied in the makings of the Blessed Virgin Mary apparitions of this past century. Before that, rumor has it that drugs were involved for hullucinations and power of suggestion.

With this let me add, (and this is what we call 'the pot calling the kettle black'), I saw a bumper sticker on a car pulling out of the parking lot of a mega catholic church some time ago and it said: "FREEMASONRY: THE BIG LIE!"

"You lie, no you lie, you lie, no you lie", and so on.......who's zoomin who? Gotta love it! All the world's a stage!

Just finished reading a book that I found in a thrift store. An interesting comment I came across: "After the 19th century, the human being became nothing but a blank sheet of paper of which anyone can write anything on it!"

At times I feel 'THEY' see the words 'STUPID' written on our foreheads!
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