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Default Creation Vs. Evolution

Centuries before Galileo (1564-1642) theorized the earth was round, Scripture declared that the Almighty "sits upon the circle of the earth..." (Isaiah 40:22). "He hangeth the earth upon nothing." (Job 26:7)

The theory of evolution is not compatible with Scripture. Scripture states that each varying classification, at creation, was made "after its own kind," or "according to its own kind." (Genesis 1:25; etc.) In not a single instance has one class of creature evolved into another.

And yes, everything was "created" -- that, is, made out of nothing. Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." Before anything else was, there was God.

The following chart clearly contrasts the teachings of Scripture and the claims of evolution.

Scripture says vs.
Evolution says (EV>)

The 6 Days
of Creation
Gen 1:11, 12, 21, 24, 25; 1 Cor15:38, 39 Everything multiplies "after its own kind"

EV>Life forms are in a continual state of transition.

Day 1
Gen 1:3-19 Light was created before the sun. No light existed before the sun.
Day 2
Gen 1:2 Oceans were created before land.
Gen 1:7

EV> Atmosphere between two hydrospheres Land existed before oceans.
Atmosphere & hydrosphere contiguous.

Day 3
Plants, Trees
Gen 1:11 First life was land plants
Gen 1:11, 20, 21 Fruit trees were created before fishes.
Gen 1:11-19 Plant life was created before the sun.

Ev>First life began in the waters.
Fishes existed before fruit trees.
Plants evolved after the sun.

Day 4
Sun, Moon, Stars
Gen 1:14-19 The sun & stars were created after the earth.
Gen 1:16 Stars were all created at once.

EV>Sun & stars existed before the earth.
Stars evolved at different times.

Day 5
Creeping beings, Birds, Fishes, Whales
Gen 1:20, 21 Marine life was created all at once.
Gen 1:20, 21 Birds & fishes were created on the same day.
Gen 1:20-31 Birds & whales were created before reptiles.

Ev>Marine life developed gradually, from an organic blob.
Fishes evolved hundreds of millions of years before birds. Reptiles evolved before birds & whales.

Day 6
Beasts, Man
Gen 2:7 Man was made from the dust of the earth.
Gen 2:5 Man was created before rain.
Gen 2:21, 22 Man was created, then woman.

EV>Man evolved from monkeys.
Rain existed before man.
Woman preceded man.

Other basic conflicts between the theory of evolution & creationism:

Gen 2:3 Creation was completed. Evolution is a continuing process.
Gen 1:29 Man originally was a vegetarian Man originally was a meat-eater.
Rom 5:12 Death resulted from man's sin.

EV>Death existed long before man.

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