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Default Re: The evils of the Torah

I didn't write it.
Then who wrote your editorials after you quote some verses (deceptively out of context by the way). Are you quoting someone else?

Don't shoot the fucking messenger
There is an attempt to make a bold personal interpretation of what the scripture says, then try to hide behind "just a messenger" garbage? Donít think so, wont work here. You have right to make whatever statement you like, but at least take the response like a man. Again I may be mistaken, are you quoting someone else or another article?

Once again god is a homophobe, or at the very least, a bigot. Leviticus 20:13
this is just one of many quotes you listed. Where do I start? Homosexuality is clinically and medically an extreme health hazard. Worse the smoking, obesity, etc..... There were not many medical journals back in the day warning of the dangers of this behavior. sounds like your god is a politically correct fantasy. Honestly, your a philosophical communist aren't you? Not trying to make a cut down, honest question. Have friends that think the same way you do, and they admit they are communist philosophically.
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