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Default Re: English prof is accusing me of plagiarism when it's not true

My eldest duaghter has been accused of plagiarism since she was in grade 7 at a British Grammar School.

How many times was I told she could not possibly have done that writing?

I can't write the way she does and at least I can recognize her abilities.

They are only trying to put you down for thinking, being, and writing outside of the box.

Screw uniherdity, is my opinion - sad to say. Go get a plumbing apprenticeship and if you work hard, you can write your own ticket. It's not hard physical labour, it's kind to the mind, and makes good money getting you out and about.

When I asked about dude in England, who just built a brand new extension to his house and takes his wife and three kids on holiday twice a year - what does he do? He's a plumber.

I used to be an accountant and now I cut hair to support my artistic habits and lust for education. I love going back to school as an adult to learn something new.... makes me feel like a kid and the world is my oyster.

The world is supposed to be your oyster and there are those battles that you sometimes have to walk away from. For me, the NWO rat-race is not appealing whatsoever.

I make more money now, I do less work and I really love what I do. How lucky am I? Thank you God. Get creative with your lfe. It's the only one you have and enjoy it as much as you can.

Pick your battles wisely.

Mary XXX
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