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Default Re: Hmmmm! I thought so!

Shadow wrote:
Is there any way to find out what they have about me on these data bases?
Well.......let's just say......if ever you've been pulled over by a cop and you had a tail light out, innocent oversight on your part....well anyway, the cop after checking your license and registration comes back to warn you to get it fixed---but kinda speaks to you like you're a no good schmuck.....better believe he just checked on your background of character and roots! Yes, you read this right! The police have access to learning alittle about your background. If you are a 'nobody' (and please I mean no offense to you from myself) will be spoken to like a nobody!

How do I know? Years of research my dear!!!!
When 2+2 didn't equal 4 and I knew with my heart and soul it did.....I began to question a lot of things. I've experimented.

But all aside, there are secret little mousies at work at every office, factory, restaurant, etc....that gather personal information on you and me as well. They even will detail whether you just lost a tooth! So don't brag too much to your 'work' buddies about those porn tapes that you've just rented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many people cannot find work today because of secret blacklisting as well, even though you might have been an excellent worker and teamplayer. If you didn't have what they considered up to par or what they thought'made the grade''re a nobody!

Way too much info out there on everyone! This is the "scroll" which holds our life's secrets. Sort of God knows everything about us!

If I go and click on google (for example) and type in your email address: hiIamblahblah2000@hotmail, look and see, and I will know what blog belongs to you, whether you had a petition request for a donation, whether you made a comment to some 'guestbook' and such. So even though I've sent you emails to hiIamblahblah2000@hotmail, there is just a few taps of the keys and I can see what you even subscribe or 'host', like an Avon party, or a Tupperware party, a comment to a girlie magazine that you've made. Yes, soon everything on the computer will become 'public' knowledge!
And no one is doing anything about it!
Since when is my email address the public's right to know? My email address should not be anyone's right until I email them! And only then!

Keep your chin up! Hope you don't have anything to hide? In the very near won't be able to! Tah tah!
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